Southend Speed Weekend is a brand new and exciting event. The event will follow the same format as the oldest and longest-running speed sailing event in the world, Weymouth Speed week. To be held annually the event will challenge sailors using a variety of wind-powered craft to sail as fast as they can with their average speed being recorded over a 500m straight course.

The Ray is the venue for the 2016 Southend Speed Weekend which is at Chalkwell, Southend-on-sea in Essex. We will be using a Roll over format with the key weekend for your diary being Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April

Although the payment facility will not open until 60 days prior to the event, places will be limited so you are advised to register early as places will be offered to pre registered entries first.

With the success of the 2014 event, we are excited to offer everyone the opportunity to compete in Southend once more.

Competitors can choose to use any wind powered craft and typically the bulk of entrants are Windsurfers with Kitesurfers beginning to show greater interest. The 500m course will be laid out in the Ray Gut where the long length and shape will allow the organisors to set the course at the optimum angle for the wind on the day. There is even possibility to set 2 courses with a gap inbetween.

The Start and end points of the course are marked with buoys and each competitor can choose the angle between the points to maximise their speed. They can also make as many passes down the course as they wish.

Every competitor carries a GT31 GPS unit which records their movements. At the end of each day all the GT31 units are handed in and the data is processed to generate the results for each of the competition classes.